All bets are off for shutdown's impact on Super Bowl

Federal workers tasked with getting fans to and from Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII and keeping them safe while there might be working without pay on game day
Democrats like Pelosi's State of the Union move. Could Trump?

Analysis: The speaker's been on a hot streak, but her request to put the State of the Union on ice until the shutdown ends is a risky gambit.
Aliens didn't create this weird swirling disk in a Maine river. Here's what did.

The strange-looking formation measures about 300 feet across and appears to be spinning counterclockwise.
How the shutdown is jeopardizing housing for rural Americans

The homes, and prospective homes, of hundreds of thousands of families in rural America are being threatened by the Agriculture Department's closure.
Trump's apparent inability to comprehend the importance of NATO is disturbing

A U.S. departure would accomplish a 70-year-old goal of Russian strategy. The alliance may not be perfect, but it exists for a very good reason:

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