Trump's Senate impeachment trial: What happened on Day Two

Democrats lay out their case for removing the president, questions about "witness trading," how senators are passing the long hours, and more.
Democrats' impeachment formula — 2+2=4 — is easy math

Analysis: The Democratic case so far adds up, but the math that matters — acquittal votes — remains on the GOP's side.
Fact-checking Trump's defense: 'They got their money'

“Remember this, they got their money and they got it early,” Trump said.
Biden says he's opposed to testifying in Senate impeachment trial

"We're not going to turn it into a farce, into some kind of political theater," the former VP said.
3 from U.S. killed in plane crash while fighting Australia's wildfires

The water tanker plane crashed in New South Wales while battling wildfires.

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