White House power grab of COVID-19 data deeply worries experts

It remained unclear how hospitals — already strapped for resources — would be able to pivot effectively to a new reporting system during the pandemic.
Trump shakes up campaign staff, demotes top manager as polls show him behind Biden

Bill Stepien, his deputy campaign manager and a veteran Republican operative, will take over while Parscale will oversee the campaign's digital and data strategies.
It's time to cancel the phrase 'cancel culture.' Nick Cannon's case proves it.

Sometimes, our actions have consequences. And if you have social capital, they're rarely insurmountable — it's just you're not used to facing any.
'Bracing for more deaths': COVID-19 spike hits Texas nursing homes

The rising numbers alarm nursing home advocates and family members who worry about the safety of vulnerable residents.
Meadows wanted to cease fire on Fauci. Navarro had other plans.

The White House quickly tried to distance itself from the trade adviser's op-ed, even though the points he raised echoed some that officials there have pushed for months.

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