Flooded land leaves farmers little choice but to rebuild the levees that failed them

“We keep tightening our belts, but we’re running out of holes,” one farmer said.
Progressive DAs are shaking up the criminal justice system. Pro-police groups aren't happy.

A new wave of progressive DAs across the country favor decriminalization, diversion programs over jail time and holding law enforcement accountable.
Cruise ships are dangerous and disease-prone — how are they still a thing?

As an expert in microbiology and infectious diseases, what I see when contemplating a cruise excursion does not sound like a fun vacation.
Breakthrough heart surgery gets FDA approval

A game-changing procedure is now available to almost all patients in need of aortic valve replacement. The hour-long procedure is less invasive and has a quick recovery time. It’s the same surgery musician Mick Jagger had earlier this year.
Antonio Banderas credits drag queen with saving his life

In a recent interview to promote Pedro Almodóvar's “Pain and Glory,” the Spanish actor said he wouldn’t be alive today if not for a drag performer.

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