Graham and Fox News expert showed Trump a Syria map to change his mind

It wasn't the first time Trump has been shown a map detailing economic assets to convince him not to order U.S. troops home, officials said.
What if you call 911 and no one comes? The collapse of rural America's EMS systems.

Across the country, rural EMS systems are hanging on by a thread, putting up to 60 million Americans at risk of being stranded in a medical emergency.
Carly Simon describes her Jackie Kennedy deathbed farewell

The former first lady "looked so beautiful and so regal and so finally at home," Simon told NBC News in a remarkably candid interview.
Pennsylvania factory layoff foreshadows Trump 2020 troubles

Management decisions that might have slid by in more flush times can now push a business over the edge.
Rosario Dawson and her family sued over alleged transphobic assault

The actor and girlfriend of presidential candidate Cory Booker allegedly attacked a transgender employee in Los Angeles, the lawsuit claims.

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