House unveils landmark sexual harassment overhaul bill

The legislation is an attempt to overhaul a draconian and secretive system that has helped silence victims and favored the accused.
GOP leaders race to keep the party together to avoid a shutdown

With less than two days before the deadline, Republicans in the House and Senate are trying to keep their members in line to avoid a government shutdown.
13 captive siblings allowed to eat once a day, shower once a year

The home in Perris, California, was a veritable prison reeking of urine where some of the 13 children were chained to furniture for months at a time.
Lesbian veteran, 90, finally gets her 'honorable discharge'

"I'm still trying to process it," military veteran Helen Grace James said upon receiving the long-awaited news.
NASA releases ominous global temperature report

And the five warmest years on record all came since 2010.

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