Two iPhones or the privacy of billions: Why Apple vs. the FBI matters

The FBI's efforts to push Apple to unlock phones have caused alarm among technology industry veterans and academics who see a broader effort to reduce privacy and introduce digital back doors.
History shows John Roberts could cast tie-breaking votes at Trump's impeachment trial

Analysis: The chief justice has offered no clues about how he would approach the question of witnesses, but judges typically rule in favor of allowing relevant testimony.
Former N.Y. Rep. Christopher Collins sentenced to federal prison for insider trading

He pleaded guilty to the charges of conspiracy to commit insider trading and lying to the FBI in October.
'Faithless elector': Supreme Court will hear case that could change how presidents are chosen

A ruling could come in the spring — just as the 2020 presidential race is heating up.
Grammy Awards chief placed on leave over misconduct allegation

She was placed on administrative leave after "a formal allegation of misconduct by a senior female member" of the organization, the academy said.

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