'Big mistake': Barr, White House officials tried to keep Trump from getting involved in Stone's sentencing

Those around the president warned him that commuting Roger Stone was politically risky. But Trump, believing that his base would stick with him, did it anyway.
Autopsies may reveal how the coronavirus silently spread across the U.S.

A small group of doctors across the U.S. are reviewing tissue and blood samples preserved from autopsies in an effort to find the earliest COVID-19 cases.
College athletes push change in Southern town clinging to Confederate relics

“We can’t just shut up and dribble,” a college basketball player said. “We can’t just stay in our lane. We have to speak out about what’s going on.”
Trump wears mask in public setting for the first time during visit to hospital

Mask-wearing has become a political issue as some of the president's followers have made wearing one a sign of submission to liberal opposition.
It was his dream job. He never thought he'd be bribing doctors and wearing a wire for the feds.

In an exclusive interview, the man behind a $678 million whistleblower settlement says "drastic action" was needed to shake up the pharmaceutical industry.

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