Trump associate Roger Stone sentenced to 3 years, 4 months in prison for lying to Congress

Stone will not have to report to prison until the judge acts on a pending defense motion for a new trial, based on a claim of juror bias.
Who won the Democratic debate in Las Vegas?

Analysis: Here's who went scorched earth — and who may struggle to salvage their presidential hopes from the ashes.
Bloomberg tells Democrats they need him. Not everyone agrees.

Analysis: The former mayor acted as the catalyst for rivals to step up their fight.
Coronavirus updates: 2 passengers die after leaving 'chaotic' cruise ship

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak climbed to 2,118 in China. Here is the latest for Thursday.
Trump's pardons part of a bigger plan downplaying white-collar crime. Here's why.

By inuring the public to the harm of fraud and corruption, the president can convince his base of supporters that these are not serious crimes.

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